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Extensive loss of substance and tooth

Functional analysis

For any kind of reconstruction of lost structures it is generally important to measure the original functional chewing- and motion sequence of the overall system and to take that into account and reconstruct accordingly. That’s why we perform a functional analysis with every denture care that can necessitate, in case of appropriate findings, a pre-treatment with removable splint supports (i.e. for reconstruction of occlusal height).

The functional analysis is also applied for patients suffering from migraine and muscular tension often combined with teeth grinding or clenching. A custom-made, removable splint support can, if regularly worn, significantly improve the entire condition.

Crown and bridge restorations

In the case of complex crown and bridge restorations full ceramic systems are being used more and more besides classical metal-supported veneer crowns. The framework structure consists of a zirconium oxide ceramic that is being coated with a veneer ceramic. It requires a maximum of precision and serves as an aesthetically perfect alternative especially for the front tooth region.


New developments in the area of cosmetic dentistry enable gentle and minimally invasive types of care. Natural teeth can be perfectly imitated or rather optimized in their look and function. If unattractive fillings in the front tooth region are to be hidden, tiltings to be corrected or small tooth spaces to be closed, wafer-thin ceramic veneers can bring about an aesthetically perfect result.


Implantation provides us with an effective tool when dealing with extensive tooth loss. In most cases we are able to provide you with fixed dental prosthesis improving the quality of life for most patients. However there are situations when it is better to rely on common removable dentures which can also be “invisibly” fixed with the help of different anchoring methods and meet the highest aesthetic and functional requirements.
Only an ideal coordination with the dental technician ensures a functionally and aesthetically high-quality result. That’s why we only cooperate with selected domestic master businesses in order to guarantee high-end dentures made from biologically harmless material.

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