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The two most common dental diseases are caries and periodontosis. They result from bacterial plaque. This plaque can only be removed by a very high degree of oral hygiene. That’s why a regular professional dental cleaning and if needed an instruction in the matter of oral hygiene and nutrition are cornerstones of our treatment.

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Through a thorough anamnesis and consultation we can provide you with an individual preventive program. For example a patient in orthodontic treatment with a fixed brace needs a different kind of support than a patient who deals with irritations in salivation or gum surface or can’t produce any saliva after irradiation. Especially pregnant women suffer from gum bleeding that can be caused by the massive hormonal change during pregnancy. Bacteria might be able to enter the bloodstream more easily and can become a risk for the embryo.

During the prophylaxis treatment our specially trained prophylaxis and dental hygiene expert, Sabrina Keller, removes all reachable dental plaque by hand or with the help of an ultrasound device if needed. The gum surface will be smoothed and polished and intensively hardened with a special fluorine lacquer for caries protection. Like this new infections can be prevented and surface gum inflammation and gum bleeding can be treated successfully.

In case of more serious periodontosis professional dental cleaning serves as a pretreatment to the actual periodontal therapy. On completion of a possibly necessary periodontal treatment, regular dental cleaning by a dental hygienist ensures the long term success of such a treatment.

Microbiological analysis

How often this prophylactic measure is necessary depends on individual risk factors or rather on the degree of caries and periodontosis of a certain patient. This can be determined by evaluating different data from the anamnesis. To reassure these results, a bacterial and caries activity test can be carried out in our practice.

At the end of the treatment Sabrina will determine your recall-intervals in consultation with you. We can of course remind you of these dates by phone or email.

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